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Premium Panel Feet


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Panel Feet$69.00


  • Enjoy the freedom to place the heater wherever you desire.
  • Enhanced stability ensures the panels stand securely.
  • Achieve optimal heating by positioning the radiant heater as desired.
  • Perfect fit for Inspire Comfort 400W/120V and 750W/120V models.
  • Landscape position maximizes heating efficiency for 750W models.
  • Convert Inspire Comfort panels into free-standing heaters.
  • Premium panel feet for added stability and convenience.
  • Enables precise positioning of the radiant heater.
  • Compatible with Inspire Comfort 400W/120V and 750W/120V models.
  • Landscape position specifically designed for 750W models.
Enhance the versatility of your Inspire Comfort panels with our Premium radiant heating panels. Transform your existing panels into free-standing heaters for ultimate convenience and comfort. These premium feet offer stability and allow precise positioning of the radiant heater wherever you desire. Achieve optimal heating by customizing the placement effortlessly, with compatibility for Inspire Comfort 400W/120V and 750W/120V models. The landscape position enhances efficiency for the 750W models, creating a cozy and enveloping warmth. Experience freedom, stability, and comfort with our Premium Panel Feet for Inspire Comfort panels.


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Panel Feet


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Heat panels Premium Panel Feet

Premium Panel Feet

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