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Radiant Heat Mat Kit | Tile & Stone Floors | 70ft² | 120V/24V


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120 V$1,606.46


This all-in-one radiant heating kit is perfect for tile and stone floors, and can easily be installed underneath your flooring, in the mortar on top of which your tiles are laid. Keep your feet warm on even the coldest of mornings, and make your kitchen, bathroom (or any other stone/tiled room in your house) the coziest room in the house.


  • Luxurious warmth on cold mornings for ultimate comfort.
  • Easy and quick installation under your existing flooring.
  • Cozy ambiance in your kitchen, bathroom, or any tiled room.
  • Energy-efficient solution for cost savings on heating bills.
  • Consistent and even heat distribution across the entire space.
  • Customizable temperature settings to suit your preferences.


  • Heating element strips cover 70ft² for efficient warmth distribution.
  • Safety Extra Low Voltage (SELV) power supply ensures secure usage.
  • Signal wire enables convenient connectivity for easy installation.
  • Extension wire allows flexible placement options in your space.
  • Connector and tape kit provide hassle-free assembly.
  • STEP Touch thermostat for precise temperature control.


Transform your home with our Radiant Heat Mat Kit for tile and stone floors. This all-in-one solution brings warmth and luxury, creating a cozy environment. Effortless installation under flooring ensures a welcoming space in any tiled room. The kit includes heating element strips, SELV power supply for safety, and signal and extension wires for convenience. The STEP Touch thermostat offers precise temperature control. Enjoy warmth, energy savings, and a delightful home. Say goodbye to chilly floors and invest in our Radiant Heat Mat Kit for a cozy, inviting daily life.

  • 12” x 50’ Roll of 29W (9W/ft²) Heating Element
  • 1ea 120V/500W Power Supply
  • 1ea White STEP Touch Thermostat
  • 20’ Thermostat Wire
  • 1ea Floor Sensor
  • 50’ Black 12AWG Wire
  • 50’ Red 12AWG Wire
  • 1ea Terminal Block
  • 1ea Crimp Tool
  • 4ea Crimp & Tape Kit
  • Installation Reference Guide



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120 V

3 reviews for Radiant Heat Mat Kit | Tile & Stone Floors | 70ft² | 120V/24V

  1. kristen

    I recently installed a radiant heating system in my home, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. The system provides even and efficient heating throughout my living space, making it comfortable and cozy even on the coldest of winter days.

  2. Veronica T

    I love how this system has transformed the feeling of our tile floors! I no longer need to wear slippers in the morning – even in the winter. If I had to do this again I would have put radiant in all of bathrooms throughout the house and the kitchen. Our last house also had radiant but there were cold spots in certain areas, not so with this system! Thank you.

  3. Joe McKenna

    We used this for out master bath renovation, had a bit left over and ended up putting some on the shower bench seat/back wall. It makes a HUGE difference every time you lean back against the wall, it is nice and warm instead of freezing cold.

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Radiant Heat Mat Kit | Tile & Stone Floors | 70ft² | 120V/24V

(3 customer reviews)

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