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Radiant Floor Heating Mats

Meet STEP® HEAT. The only low voltage, self-regulating, radiant heating system. Period. 

Whether you're looking for energy-saving primary heating or just taking the chill out of your floors, STEP® HEAT is the ideal heating solution. STEP® HEAT allows you to experience the comfort and luxury of heated floors throughout your home while reducing your energy costs. Power STEP® HEAT with a renewable energy source and enjoy decades of maintenance-free, net zero heating.

Energy Efficient

Efficiency gains of 30-60%  compared to line voltage cable/mat systems and traditional hydronic systems.

Alternative Energy Ready

With AC or DC power options, you can connect to alternative energy now, or at anytime in the future. 

Better Health

Reduces overheated dry air, dust, allergens, and other harmful airborne contaminants circulated by traditional forced air systems.

Unmatched Versatility

From hardwood floors to carpets, STEP® HEAT is compatible with almost any flooring type. 

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Changing the way we heat our homes.

With substantial consumption savings, even heat distribution, zero scheduled maintenance, and the elimination of circulating dust and allergens generated by central air systems - STEP® HEAT is the future of green heating. 

STEP® HEAT’s core heating technology advantage is centered around its innovative and award-winning carbon polymer heating elements. Unlike any other, this unique and patented heating element performs like its own temperature sensor, continuously adjusting its output to changing room conditions at all points across the heated area, reducing energy consumption while providing the most comfortable heat imaginable. STEP® HEAT heating elements are thin (3/64” thick) and flexible, yet rugged and durable to ensure easy installation and decades of trouble-free performance as backed by a 20-year limited warranty. 


Ultimate Comfort

Enjoy the highest level of comfort with a soft warmth that is even, balanced and draft free.


Energy Efficient

Consumption efficiency gains of 30-60% when compared to line voltage cable/mat systems and traditional hydronic systems.


Increased Health & Wellness

Elimination of overheated dry air, dust, allergens, and other harmful airborne contaminants circulated by traditional forced air systems.


LEED - Certified Green

Innovative carbon polymer heating elements made from recyclable non-hazardous materials and certified to comply with LEED for Home and NAHB standards by Greener Product.


Intrinsically Safe

24V Safe Extra Low Voltage (SELV) rating protection. No grounding required and approved for wet areas.


Alternative Energy Ready

24V AC or DC power options provide alternative energy use design flexibility for passive, net zero, off-grid and net metered applications.


Silent and Invisible

Eliminates distractions made by noisy heating equipment. No unsightly vents, baseboards, blowers, and wall unit obstructions.


Zero Scheduled Maintenance

Eliminate the expense and hassle from worn-out part repairs, equipment tune-ups, filter changes, and piping failure damage.


Quick & Easy Installation

Heating elements are thin (3/64” thick) and flexible, yet rugged and durable. Material is cut to length from rolls and can be nailed, stapled, or taped to the subfloor.


Twenty Year Warranty

All heating elements are covered by a 20-year limited warranty to assure years of trouble-free operation.


How we generate and distribute power for use in our homes, buildings and other properties is undergoing an accelerated new age transformation. Driven by the pursuit of clean energy alternatives and net zero design initiatives, more direct and efficient integration of DC current sources such as solar, wind and other forms of alternative energy are becoming readily available. STEP HEAT is specifically engineered to take advantage of current and future forms of alternative energy

Multiple Powering Options For Any Application

Whether AC or DC current, line or low voltage, STEP HEAT's design flexibility provides multiple powering options depending upon source availability, application, and total load requirements. Sources include alternative energy power such as wind, solar, and hydro as well as storage batteries, generators, and various grid provided line voltages

AC Power Format

Popular for standard grid power, solar/wind net metering and stand-by generator applications, STEP HEAT’s AC transformer power supplies efficiently convert the incoming line voltage (240VAC, 208VAC, or 120VAC) down to 24VAC to power the heating elements.

DC Power Format

Popular for alternative energy applications using a direct DC current source generated by solar, wind, and storage batteries systems, STEP HEAT DC controllers are used to efficiently operate the system.

Powering For A Green Future

The manufacturer of STEP HEAT products, Electro Plastics Inc., is a participating member of the Emerge Alliance (, an open industry association. Made up of industry leading companies, liaisons, and professionals, the Emerge Alliance works toward establishing DC power micro grids and AC/DC integration with renewable energy sources.

LEED Certified Green

STEP HEAT is certified by Greener Product who confirms the product complies with the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), LEED for Homes, and National Association of Home Builder (NAHB) standards. LEED is an internationally recognized green building certification system. Developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), LEED provides building owners and operators with a framework for identifying and implementing practical and measurable green building design, construction, operations, and maintenance solutions.

STEP HEAT qualifies for credits in the following LEED categories:

      • Materials and Resources (MR)
      • Location and Transportation (LT)
      • Indoor Environmental Quality (EQ)
      • Integrative Process (IP)

Sustainable Manufacturing

The STEP HEAT element is made of a homogeneous, semi-conductive polymer and consists of up to 80% recycled material with a scrap rate of less than 1% during manufacturing. All materials used in the STEP HEAT system are ecologically safe. Polyethylene is an environmentally friendly product; it does not produce hazardous gases and is biodegradable in



STEP HEAT Installation Overview:

STEP HEAT products are easy to install by laying out the radiant heating elements over the subfloor according to a pre-designed layout and connecting to a low voltage electrical power supply. It was designed with simplicity and the installer in mind. The elements are cut and connected on site to fit the application and area size. STEP HEAT elements can be installed on any stable, clean and non-conductive surface. For even heat distribution, maintain spacing between element strips at 2-3 inches (5-7.5 cm).

STEP HEAT radiant heating systems use a thin (3/64”), flexible flat heating element, which operates on low voltage. These durable, lightweight heating elements can be stapled or nailed to the subfloor and can be cut to length on the job site. The installation requires almost no floor buildup, making it an excellent choice for remodeling and retrofit applications, in addition to new construction.

Once installed, the floor heating system provides a lifetime of comfort. There are no high temperatures, stress, or wear on the material. There is no need for a mechanical room with a boiler, pumps, and valves to maintain. There is no dangerous storage of fuel and gas or risk of electrical shock.


Create a layout that shows where the elements will be placed. Elements should be placed in open areas away from conductive materials, plumbing and fixed fittings. Installation should conform to local building codes, ordinances, and trade practices.


Proper thermal insulation is required for any floor warming or radiant heat system. Without insulation, you will encounter cold patches on the finished floor surface. You will need to have more R-value below the heating elements than above them.


Once a layout has been determined, simply cut the element to the appropriate length, make the electrical connections, and run the extension wires to the power supply and/or optional terminal block. Secure the elements to the subfloor (with approved adhesive, staples, or pegs) and cover according to trade practices.


Design Flexibility and Superior Comfort for Your Clients

STEP HEAT is unlike any other radiant heating system on the market today. The entire 12" wide, self-regulating, semiconductive core allows the entire element to conduct heat, instead of the traditional "heat mat" that relies on small wires or hydronic systems that utilizes tubes of heated water. This creates a more efficient system that requires no maintenance. 

STEP HEAT is easy to design around. Our thin (1.2 mm) element requires minimal floor build up. We eliminate the need for boilers and ductwork as well as unsightly radiators and baseboards. The STEP element can also be used under any flooring type, including hardwood. The use of STEP HEAT can contribute points towards the LEED Credits.


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AECDaily, the largest provider of FREE online continuing education credits for architects, engineers, contractors and other construction professionals, offers a course on STEP HEAT Radiant Heat. This course is approved for credits for AIA, GBCI, AIBD and many more. The course will provide you an overview of our self-regulating polymer technology and the performance benefits of using PTC (positive temperature coefficient) heaters for energy efficient floor warming, primary heating, snow melting and roof deicing.

Click here to take the course.


For all of our product information and for an easy tool to use STEP HEAT in your next design, find us on


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