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Room Above The Garage Cold? Trick To Heating It Efficently

No matter what type of room you have over the garage, you may have found keeping it warm during the cold winter months challenging. With minimal insulation located below the room, the room over the garage is almost always drafty and cold. In particular, the floors in this room can be cool to the touch, leaving those who use it feeling chilly and uncomfortable.

If you’re wondering how to keep the room above the garage warm, then underfloor heating may be the solution you are seeking.

Here are the key takeaways when heating your cold bedroom over the garage.


Key Notes

  • The room above the garage is difficult to keep warm due to exterior walls and the lack of insulation in the garage below.
  • Radiant heating is an effective solution for heating the room above the garage, providing even heat distribution through self-regulating carbon polymer heating technology installed under the floors.
  • Underfloor heating is compatible with all flooring types and can be installed during a renovation or construction project or retroactively in the joist bays of the room above the garage.

Why is the Room Above Garage Cold?

There are multiple reasons why the room above the garage in any home always feels at home, such as:

  1. The room above the garage typically has at least two exterior walls, often in the house’s upper corner. These exterior walls — combined with the elevation of the room — make it challenging to keep warm, as it is constantly exposed to the elements.
  2. The garage below the room often has a different kind of insulation than an excellent interior room, such as a living area or kitchen. The garage’s structure and the fact that it is not heated with central heating make it challenging to keep the room comfortably warm above it.

While the room above the garage may always feel cold, you must know that you have options available to rectify this ongoing issue.

What is Radiant Heating?

radiant heating

Radiant heating is considered one of the best ways to address a cold room above the garage. Our heat mats consist of self-regulating carbon polymer heating technology installed underneath the floor, heating the flooring materials and providing even heat distribution to the entire room.

While a forced air system may not effectively heat the room above the garage to the desired temperature and retain that heat, a radiant heat solution can provide direct heat to the room through the floors. Underfloor heating is considered one of the most effective ways to heat the room, and it can be used as either a primary heat source or a supplemental heating solution.

How Can Underfloor Heating Help With a Cold Room Above Garage?

radiant floor heating

Underfloor heating can help create a more comfortable atmosphere in the room above the garage in a variety of ways:

  • Radiant heat will make the floors in this room warm to the touch, ensuring that the person who occupies or uses the room can step into a comfortable environment immediately.
  • Underfloor heating does more than add a touch of luxury to the floors in the room above the garage. It also can be used as a heat source in the room, providing even heat distribution in a notoriously tricky room to heat. With radiant floor heating installed in the space above the garage, no one will complain about having a cold bedroom or bonus room again.

Is Radiant Heating Compatible with All Flooring Types?

STEP warmfloor

Some people mistakenly assume that underfloor heating is only possible in rooms with tile or stone floors, such as the kitchen or bathroom. Our radiant heat solutions are compatible with the most popular flooring materials, including tile, stone, wood, and carpet

You must work with your contractor and discuss the type of flooring material that you prefer in your room because some considerations need to be made for wood and carpet floors. However, together, you can easily find a radiant heat solution that works for your home.

What You Need to Know About Underfloor Heating Installation in Room Over Garage

Installing radiant flooring in the room over the garage is very simple, which is a pleasant surprise to most homeowners who invest in this heating solution. 

In most cases, homeowners opt to have radiant flooring installed during a renovation project or while constructing their home, meaning the radiant heat solution is installed before the flooring is laid. 

However, it is possible to have radiant heat retroactively installed in the room by placing it in joist bays. You must work closely with your contractor to determine the next best steps for this home improvement project.

Learn More About How to Keep Room Above the Garage Warm

At Green Wave Distribution, we offer a variety of radiant floor heating products designed to provide even heat distribution in any type of room or storage area. Radiant floor heating and radiant heat panels can effectively and efficiently provide supplemental heat to the room over the garage or be configured as a primary heat source for the household – not to forget,  installing heat mats in the garage is also an option.

For more information about how to keep the room above your garage warm with radiant heat solutions, contact Green Wave Distribution today, or explore some of our other radiant heating products.