Smart Panels

Intelligent Electrical Panels & EV Chargers

Smart Electrical Panels

Achieve your energy goals while giving yourself better options for managing your battery backup.

The electrical panel is an essential part of your home, interfacing with the grid, solar, battery storage, and everything you power. Span makes home energy connected and intuitive with a smart electrical panel that makes it easier to adopt clean energy and optimize power. SPAN enables the electric upgrades you have wanted to make, but haven’t been able to. Install modern appliances. Expand square footage. Switch from gas to electric. Make your home solar and battery-ready. And … install an EV fast charger without the cost and hassle of ‘upsizing’ the power wires feeding your home. "A long-overdue, borderline genius product that puts much needed control back into the hands of homeowners.” –

Span Smart Panel

The SPAN Smart Panel

STEP HEAT’s core heating technology advantage is centered around its innovative and award-winning carbon polymer heating elements. Unlike any other, STEP HEAT heating elements are thin (3/64” thick) and flexible, yet rugged and durable to ensure easy installation and decades of trouble-free performance as backed by a 20-year limited warranty. This unique and patented material performs like its own temperature sensor to continually adjust its output to changing room conditions at all points across the heated area. The result is substantial consumption savings, even heat distribution, no overheating issues and the elimination of circulating dust, allergens and other airborne contaminants from over-dried heated air generated by central air systems.

Macro View

See where your home is sourcing, storing, and using energy in real-time.

Micro View

Circuit by circuit break down of energy usage.

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